Travel Insurance: What is it?

10/06/17 8:47 PM

travel insuranceWhat is travel insurance?  Most of us think that this sort of insurance policy will protect the money we’ve spent on tickets and hotels.  In case we must cancel a trip at the last minute, we can ease the misery of disappointment by knowing that we still have the money to replan that trip sometime in the future.

However, most of us put more thought into packing than we do about what misfortune might happen while we’re hundreds if not thousands of miles away from home.  Vacation is meant to be a time away from responsibilities so why consider that we might fall ill or become injured, perhaps need emergency medical care or have to grab an earlier return flight?  The likelihood of these things happening is small enough to mean that we can forget about them, no?

No.  You should set aside perhaps less than a half hour and talk to your insurance agent about travel insurance.  For that minimal investment in time and money, you can have what you really want—freedom away from the burden of worry.  If you fall while climbing the Spanish Steps in Rome or find some bad sushi in Japan, you won’t need to worry if your medical insurance will cover the doctor’s bills.  You will want to go on vacation again and thousands of dollars’ worth of debt lingering from your last trip (no pun intended) might prevent you from enjoying another vacation for a long time.

So, what do you need to know about travel insurance?  Here’s a quick primer that’ll get you back to picking out a book for the beach or comfy shoes for sightseeing.

Financial Reimbursement

This is that familiar type of insurance that will protect your wallet from big expenses such as a cancelled vacation because of illness to relatively small inconveniences like lost luggage.  This policy can also protect you if you need an extra night in a hotel because your flight was delayed and you need to extend your trip by 24 hours.

Medical Insurance

You already know that in-network doctors and services are less expensive than out of network; what are the odds that you’ll find yourself in a Costa Rican clinic that is also in-network?  Does your healthcare package even cover you when you’re away from home?  Make sure you can get the care you need, when you need it.

Round the Clock Assistance

If you think it’s hard to find a good restaurant in a new city, just how easy will it be to find a well-trained doctor who can listen to your symptoms and describe his diagnosis and treatment plan?  A good travel insurance plan will help you find medical help, arrange accommodations, and contact your family when you are overwhelmed.

It may seem like a pain to add one more item to you to do list when all you really want is to start the relaxing and having fun.  The truth is, your vacation will be better for having travel insurance just as it will be if you pack enough fresh underwear and sunscreen.

A good insurance company can help you find the right coverage and help you answer important questions.  If your trip is centered around a special activity, do you need sports-related coverage?  Do you have pre-existing conditions that will make care more urgent or complex if you are in a car accident?  Do you travel often enough that you need an annual policy?

Call Roberson Tierney today to get the right coverage for the right price and enjoy the time off you so richly deserve!

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