Mail My Prescriptions

06/03/18 5:52 PM

Mail My Prescriptions is America’s first wholesale pharmacy where you can shop prescription drug prices, order online and receive within a few days and is a great way to save money. 

How do they compare:

  • Prices are guaranteed and always accepted because they are a pharmacy
  • They coordinate clinical care with your doctors because they are a pharmacy
  • They obtain and transfer prescriptions
  • They ship directly to your door within a few days
  • Access to licensed pharmacists at the operations center
  • Licensed and Regulated by Boards of Pharmacy and Drug Enforcement Agency

Let’s take inhalers for instance. As of today (3/6/18) a quick search on inhalers showed savings ranging from $11-$70 per AER. At Roberson Tierney and Associates we are always looking for ways our clients can save. Spread the word and take a look at for more details.

Check out their 30 second commercial spot below:

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