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GTL’s Short-Term Home Health Care Insurance

Feb. 20th 2018

GTL’s short-term home health care insurance is more affordable than most other plan of care policies and it pays benefits directly to you, regardless of any other insurance you have.

Here are some quick facts:

  • $150, $300 or $450 maximum daily benefits.
  • Prescription benefit year maximum of $300 or $600
  • $40, $80, or $120 per-day home health care aide benefits
  • Policyholder access to Ask Mayo Clinic Nureseline and Critical Illness Support
  • Home health care benefits include: speech pathology, enterostomal therapy, respirational therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, chemotherapy specialist, medical social services, skilled nursing care (RN), and general nursing care (LPN/LVN)

Click here to view GTL’s Short-Term Home Health Care Insurance Infographic

Restoring Medicaid Coverage Event on 2/21

Feb. 19th 2018


Cuts to Medicaid programs in the state budget threaten thousands of Connecticut residents’ critical health care coverage
Wednesday, February 21st
4PM: Legislative Briefing & Action Strategy, Capitol, Room 310 
6PM: Appropriations Public Hearing, Legislative Office Building, Room 2C
In other news:
  • Recharging for the Next Health Care Flight
    he recent Families USA Health Action 2018 conference offered a chance for health advocates to take stock of our victories and recharge for the next fight for quality, affordable health care for all. Read more here
  • #HealthIsWealth
    That hashtag is just about everywhere—people are realizing now, more than ever, that living their healthiest life is a measure of wealth. If we’re honest, though, not everyone has the same opportunities to do so. Read more here
  • We Can’t Afford to Get Cancer
    I attended a conference last week, The Policy, Politics and Law of Cancer, hosted by Yale Law School’s Solomon Center for Health Law and Policy.  The conference brought together over 40 speakers from the fields of cancer treatment, research, government regulation and funding, academia, advocacy, and health policy. Read more here

All topics presented by the Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut.

Cancer, Heart Attack & Stroke Insurance

Jul. 25th 2017

It is true that nobody likes or wants to think about illness or death, the truth is that it does happen. If today you were diagnosed of a critical or terminal illness such as cancer, heart or stroke, it would put serious anxiety or stress on yourself as well as your friends and family. Thankfully, with the development and evolution of technology, research, and screening in our world today an ever increasing number of individuals who are determined to have terminal illness do recuperate and go on to live a normal and healthy life. However, this advanced technology does come and a small price, it costs lots of money, surely much more than what your medical insurance would cover. Research has shown that 36% of cancer patients deplete their savings, and 60% of personal bankruptcies in the US are attributed to medical expenses. However, it is in this recuperation time that you would need true peace of mind and financial support in order for you to recover properly. So how do you plan so this unexpected event doesn’t bring you down? Can you afford to be diagnosed with a critical illness?

A lump sum pay-out which GTL’s cancer, heart attack and stroke insurance offers can help you with medical bills or your day to day living expenses while you recover from your illness. This would come in the form of critical illness insurance. GTL’s cancer, heart attack and stroke insurance will pay out a lump sum of money if you are diagnosed with one of the specific critical illnesses outlined in the policy. The sum of money and the term that the policy is taken out is determined at the time of purchasing the policy and if you should suffer from one of the critical illnesses defined on the policy then that sum of money would be paid out.

You may think you don’t need the cover for critical illness now, but it that might come to haunt you later in life and you will then start to have regrets. The main benefit of this insurance for critical illness is that you would be spared from the financial implications associated with being critically ill, and with GTL’s cancer, heart attack and stroke insurance plan you can choose your benefit amount of up to $75, 000, and then you can use the cash benefit for covering medical co-payments and deductibles, replacing lost income, paying for experimental treatment and surgeries and anything else you need. The benefits are paid directly to you.

You should choose GTL’s cancer heart attack and stroke insurance because GTL insurance has more flexibility than most of the plans. There are two plans in which you can choose from. The first is the Lump sum cancer policy which covers cancer only, or you can choose the second which is called Lump sum heart attack and stroke coverage for coverage of heart attacks and stroke, or you can even combine the both, whichever one you feel is right for you. And not only do you get more choices you also get important extras such as the Ask mayo clinic services. This means that if you have any health related question, you can call the help line or go online 24/7 and receive trusted medical guidance. Also included in your policy is an extra 25% benefit payment if you undergo qualifying experimental treatment and if this is not enough, you can choose to boost your benefit by adding a benefit builder to get: to give him additional 25% benefit on late stage cancer and by-pass surgery, and 10% additional benefit on Ngo plastic replacement benefit (TIA) and much more, and you can choose the recurrence benefit.

So, to sum it up, when you take cancer insurance, think GTL. GTL has 80 years’ experience, they pay claims quickly, and they give you friendly and personalized, and professional service when you need it most. Choose GTL to help give you and your family peace of mind so you can focus on your recovery as it matters most. Watch video to learn more.


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53% of Costs Associated with Cancer are Non-Medical Indirect Costs

Feb. 9th 2017

indirect cancer costs

The good news is that 15.5 million people diagnosed with cancer have survived!

The bad news is that 36% of cancer patients deplete their savings and 24% borrow against their retirement plans.

Most medicare advantage plans ONLY COVER 80% of chemo and radiation treatment along with high hospital per day co-payments.

THE ANSWER: Lump Sum Cancer Insurance Policy

  • Experimental treatment benefits included
  • Increase of coverage from 25% to 50% for in-situ cancer
  • Benefits increase by 25% for late stage cancer diagnosis
  • $500 Skin Cancer Benefit
  • $100 per year Wellness Benefit for Annual Physical Exams


Ask Mayo Clinic: Answers that are Cost Saving, Life Saving, and Time Saving are only a phone call away!

  • 24 Hour Nurse Line
  • Ask Mayo Clinic Online
  • Critical Illness Support

Call to learn more about Cancer Insurance Plans today!

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Planning for your Future

Sep. 15th 2016

While many of us make our own retirement plans, no one is able to prepare for all of the complexities of the future without professional help.

Take the case of Mary Smith, who recently lost her best friend and neighbor of almost 40 years to Alzheimer’s. Nancy had been an active, energetic person, always helping Mary with gardening and Mary found it painful to see such a vibrant person slip away.

Now, Nancy’s two sons were fighting over the little money left after selling Nancy’s house to pay her medical bills. It broke Mary’s heart to remember how many times Nancy had proudly declared that she intended to pay for her grandson’s college education.

During a regular visit to her insurance agent, Mary shared this story and said, “It all makes me feel so helpless!”

For a good insurance agent, there are many tools available to deal with almost any situation. For example, Mary learned more about how to protect her assets from with Long Term Care insurance and the insurance products that can ensure she has access to the best possible healthcare without risking her financial security.

We developed a detailed description of her current financial situation, her desires for the future, including how she wants to provide for her family after she’s gone, and establish the best possible coverage for her. At the same time, we shared this information with a highly qualified attorney who can write a will and associated legal documentation—including powers of attorney and a living will—to make sure that Mary’s wishes are carried forth even if she cannot speak for herself.

She doesn’t need to learn the complexities of the insurance industry or the subtleties of law. She just needs to describe her dreams for the future once and her insurance agent and attorney can coordinate the information to create a comprehensive and complete package that will protect her future.

That’s the benefit of an insurance agent who has a strong professional relationship with a good lawyer. Each offers the expertise that you need and can clearly outline what you need, when you need it, with you and each other to ensure there are no gaps in your plan for the future.

Don’t waste your time or risk your future by running back and forth between offices, trying to repeat what you remember and guess at the questions that require answers. Relax and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having a team working for you.

Call Roberson Tierney today to learn more about our professional relationships and ability to provide you with comprehensive life planning services.

What Is Genome Testing? Is It Right For You?

Apr. 12th 2016

genomeJust about everyone has been touched, either personally or through a family member or friend, by serious illness. There is a sense of helplessness and frustration that often accompanies medical problems that reduce the quality of life or, sadly, even end it. Thankfully, advances in technology and medical research have changed the cost and effectiveness associated with whole-genome testing, to the point that quick sequencing of genomes may be a practical way of addressing, or even avoiding, some of the most terrifying diagnoses we never want to hear pronounced again.

Defining Genome Testing

A genome refers to the complete set of DNA associated with a living organism. Genes are tiny part of a genome and tests to identify mutations that might result in cancers such as breast or ovarian are commonplace. These tests are useful but whole-genome testing can tell the whole picture. Think of looking at the picture of an ear and trying to tell if the person is tall or short, man or woman, blond or brunette, healthy or ill. It’s much easier and more accurate to look at the whole person.

Having more information can help doctors determine if a patient is more likely to receive an unwanted diagnosis. More than that, knowing more about a particular person’s body can help doctors recommend more effective treatments, with better results, and sometimes fewer side effects.

Genetic Testing also provides doctors with information regarding the type of chemo, dosage, and treatment if you are diagnosed with cancer.

Making Genome Testing Accessible

The National Human Genome Research Institute, the Department of Energy and their partners in the International Human Genome Sequencing Consortium announced the successful completion of the Human Genome Project on April 14, 2003.

In the decade since this $3 billion project accomplished the seemingly impossible, the price of genome testing has fallen to where it is a cost-effective diagnostic tool. However, insurance plans and Medicare do not cover the cost of genome testing. A procedure that might help you avoid cancer and all of its misery shouldn’t put you in the poorhouse.

There are plans that will cover whole-genome testing, allowing you to learn more about your body, the potential risks you face, and how you can successfully combat those diseases should you have inherited a bad genetic makeup. The GTL Cancer Plus policy pays out a lump sum benefit to you if you receive a diagnosis of cancer has been made. These benefits can be used to pay for genetic testing, medications, and other treatments that are not covered by Medicare and health insurance.

Roberson Tierney can help you review your medical and family history to see if genome testing is right for you, how it can be affordable, and share with you the names of the top doctors in the oncology hematology field so that you receive the best care, not only to ensure a long life but a life worth living.

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Cancer’s High Cost

Dec. 5th 2015

cancerIs there anyone whose life has not be touched by cancer? So many of us have loved ones who have suffered from this disease and too many of us have experienced it firsthand.

While Roberson Tierney does not have the cure for cancer (although we wish we did), we can help you and your family deal with the impact it can have on your lives.

If you have Medicare Advantage, you may not know that chemotherapy and radiation treatments involve a cost sharing component that can cost you more than $1,000 per treatment. You will need this medical attention but certainly don’t need a crippling bill as you gather your emotional and physical resources to battle cancer.

Call Roberson Tierney today to learn about a very low cost cancer plus policy that protects Medicare Beneficiaries against this type of loss. We will discuss your family history and potential for the disease so you feel confident that you are protecting yourself and giving yourself the best possible future.

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Education Your Way

Feb. 19th 2015

health educationDo you know your best learning style? Are you a visual person who retains data best when you see it on paper? Do you prefer to hear some-one explain a new concept to you? Perhaps you like a more interactive style of learning, with the opportunity to ask questions.

Roberson Tierney has made a commitment to provide information in the style that suits clients best. Just as there is no one insurance product or financial vehicle that suits every person, we know that there is no one way to share information.

In addition to our newsletters, we offer monthly workshops and, of course, private appointments. You can ask questions via the phone, during your one-on-one meeting, or in a group setting. We’ll show you comparisons when you need to need to evaluate choices side-by-side and our explanations are clear, concise, and accurate.

Check out our web site or call today to learn more about our workshops, schedule an appointment, or just ask for a free rate check.

Call Annmarie today to make sure you are paying the right amount for your insurance—homeowner, renter, or auto. Roberson Tierney will make sure your insurance is in line with the competition, covers what you need, and is priced right. 860-379-6700

Peace of mind is a beautiful thing…

Jun. 14th 2014

The diagnosis of cancer is devastating. The costs associated with the treatment of cancer is also devastating and quite overwhelming.

Medicare Advantage plans leave members with the monetary
responsibility of paying 20% of the cost of a chemotherapy and
radiation treatment. Typically when treating cancer several treatments are required leaving you with co-pays up and over $1000 per treatment. Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company is offering the Cancer Plus Policy. 

This very affordable policy gives you the peace of mind you need!!

Monthly Premium Cost Examples for the Cancer Plus Policy:

Age 65$20.61$33.84
Age 70$25.29$41.76
Age 75$27.27$45.09
Age 80$28.98$48.06

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