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Did You Know We Did Home & Auto?

Mar. 2nd 2017

What does March Madness mean to you?

Roberson Tierney hopes that it has more to do with fun, like enjoying the great basketball that our UConn Huskies have been giving us for years and not the kind of madness that is frustrating, like paying bills.

January gets a lot of hype as a bad time for bills because that’s when the credit cards appear, showing just how much you’ve paid for gifts at the holidays. April, of course, is famous for taxes. March, sandwiched between the two, however, can be a good month to take control of your finances.

Insurance costs are now more of a concern than ever. We’ve been hammered with the idea that we should compare quotes and shop around, almost to the point where we’re numb to the idea. A good message repeated almost to death is still a good message.

Call Roberson Tierney today and get that quote. Annmarie is ready at 860-379-6700, extension 403 to ask a few (we mean that) questions. Then, we can present you with quotes on the insurance you need:

  • Homeowners
  • Renters
  • Auto
  • Umbrella
  • RV
  • Commercial

We can demonstrate competitive rates but, more importantly, show you comparisons of policies that provide the coverage you need. There are many carriers out there and it’s our job to find you the best insurance coverage at the right price.

There is no hard sell at Roberson Tierney. We pride ourselves on professionalism and quality customer service.

Please call today and let us help you save money, protect yourself and your loved ones, and get back to the fun of March Madness! 860-379-6700, extension 403