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Dental Savings Plan: Spooktacular Savings

Oct. 29th 2018

Now till midnight 10/31/18 you have the opportunity to get dental coverage without buying insurance with a limit, deductible or waiting period. Discounts start 2 days after purchase and there are no annual caps, limits or paperwork! 

Plans cover more then 100,000 dentists nationwide so that you get the quality care you deserve.

Have coverage within Medicare? No problem…this can be used with the dental coverage within a Medicare Advantage plan that has a dental or dental reimbursement.

BONUS: Some vision and prescription discounts as well.

Visit and mention coupon code SPOOKY15 or Broker ID 193290 for this great offer.

dental savings

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Bristol Senior Center Special Events in May

May. 10th 2018

Don’t miss out on the fun event that the Bristol Senior Center will be holding for the month of May. The senior community is fortunate to have such amazing staff and sponsors whom want to bring liveliness and energy to such a great place! There are so many activities and events each month that members can join. Roberson Tierney will be at the Wii Bowling Tournament on May 4th at 10:00 am.  Please, come and say hi! We are very honored to be a part of such a wonderful group of people. If you are a Bristol resident don’t hesitate to go check it out! 

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We’ve Moved our New Hartford Location

Apr. 25th 2017

roberson tierney office

We’ve Moved!

Open House May 12th
10am – 2pm

Our New Hartford Location is now located on
2 Central Ave Suite 1A | New Hartford, CT 06057

860-379-6700 x403

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New Year’s Resolutions – For Your Insurance Needs

Jan. 15th 2015

New YearThere’s just something special about flipping a calendar page from December to January.  We seem to get a fresh start with a new year and that just feels like the best time to give ourselves a better life.

New year’s resolutions get a bad reputation.  They have become synonymous with failure because, frankly, we make them too big to be achievable.  Becoming healthy is not an attainable goal.  It’s a great idea but your goals should be within reach.

To be healthy, you need to be proactive about your wellness plan.  The first attainable goal is to make the appointments you need to keep with your doctors and get tested or screened.  Health care professionals can get a good idea of where your health is going just by checking simple things like blood pressure or cholesterol.  Most of these tests are covered by your insurance and many will not even require a copay.  So, pick up the phone and schedule, schedule, schedule!

Next, check the bank balance.  Does your household budget work with your insurance budget?  Will you set enough aside to cover what you owe for your medications or copays?  If not, then can you adjust the household budget?  Or, is your insurance plan not sufficient for your needs?  If you don’t have the right insurance, it’s better to deal with that sooner than later because you will have more power to make a better choice for yourself and your health.

Check your wallet.  No, not for money.  Are your insurance cards in there and up to date?  If you changed plans, you will need to present a new card when you visit your doctor.  Many doctors want to see a card even if there have been no changes since your last visit.  Better to make life easier and have that ready than try to find it and be late for a doctor’s appointment.  (Less stress also means a more accurate blood pressure reading!)

Check your mind.  Seriously, are there any nagging questions about insurance that have been bugging you?  Are you comfortable with what you understand or would you like to know more?

If you have any questions or concerns, you can call Roberson Tierney to get answers and make sure you start the new year with the right insurance to get you toward your ideal health!

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The Affordable Health Care Act and How It Can Change your Life

Mar. 12th 2013

There is a reassuring feeling of security when you have insurance.

Unfortunately, most people assume that they are secure just by having a policy in place and when something goes wrong, are unpleasantly surprised to find out that security only comes with the right coverage.

Medicare is changing reimbursement levels to doctors, hospitals and facilities as a result of the Affordable Health Care Act.

For those patients who are not properly covered, it can mean limited access to necessary health care.

Understanding the nuances of the act can be overwhelming.  For example, the “donut hole” that previously existed is not really closed by the new act.  Patients could still be responsible for almost $1,000 of co-pay for their prescription drugs.

The act calls for a complete closure of the donut hole over a 10-year period; while that’s good news in 2018, there are still five years in which patients need to make sure they can afford the medicines they need to ensure they live to see this good news.

A positive result of the act puts the focus on preventative care.  However, the act also includes cuts to the managed care program, requiring Medicare recipients to change how they approach health care.  Change is scary and when that change is about money and health, it gets emotional as well.  While the refocus to preventative care is a positive aspect, it must be approached with the right information and proper use of insurance.

The impact on patients will vary.  Those patients who take a proactive approach to their financial arrangements, particularly insurance, will fare better and reap the benefits of the changes from the Affordable Health Care Act.

There is a lot of bad advice out there, including the idea that you can learn this on your own.  The language in the act is easy to misinterpret and it’s better to talk with someone whose job it is to understand all of the implications.

Talk with a trusted professional, like Roberson Tierney and then enjoy a feeling of security that will last through the bad times.

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Fifteen Minutes Could Cost You

Feb. 12th 2013

It would appear that, in an age when information is literally at your fingertips, it would be easy to sit down at a computer with a cup of coffee and find the right insurance before you saw the bottom of the cup.

Appearances are deceiving.

Yes, there is a wealth of information but that’s both good and bad news.  More choices can increase your chances of making a bad choice.  More data means more confusion.

It is tempting, very tempting, to save a few dollars today and pick an inexpensive insurance plan.  Unfortunately, that bad choice today, with an unclear understanding, can quickly translate to a very, very expensive situation as you learn that what you bought was never going to cover your needs.

Today’s professional insurance agent is not the image that people remember from the past… someone who puts on a tie or skirt and picks up a briefcase filled with brochures and pens to give away.  Training and continuing education mean that today’s professional insurance agent can answer questions and lay out the best choices for you, eliminating the bad ones.

Today’s agent isn’t about selling a product but providing a service.  Agents train and keep up with the latest happenings in not only the insurance industry but also those areas that affect our lives, such as new Medicare legislation.

One of the most important tools in any agent’s toolbox is the ability to listen.  A good agent will pay attention to you as you describe your work, lifestyle, hobbies, treasured possessions, and dreams for the future to fit you with the right coverage.

It would be worth your money to pay an agent’s expertise just to save money in the future, by having the right insurance.  However, in most cases, you can actually spend less on insurance up front when you work with an agent because people working on their own usually do not find the best insurance for the least cost.  Sadly, it’s either the best insurance or the least cost.

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