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Education Your Way

Feb. 19th 2015

health educationDo you know your best learning style? Are you a visual person who retains data best when you see it on paper? Do you prefer to hear some-one explain a new concept to you? Perhaps you like a more interactive style of learning, with the opportunity to ask questions.

Roberson Tierney has made a commitment to provide information in the style that suits clients best. Just as there is no one insurance product or financial vehicle that suits every person, we know that there is no one way to share information.

In addition to our newsletters, we offer monthly workshops and, of course, private appointments. You can ask questions via the phone, during your one-on-one meeting, or in a group setting. We’ll show you comparisons when you need to need to evaluate choices side-by-side and our explanations are clear, concise, and accurate.

Check out our web site or call today to learn more about our workshops, schedule an appointment, or just ask for a free rate check.

Call Annmarie today to make sure you are paying the right amount for your insurance—homeowner, renter, or auto. Roberson Tierney will make sure your insurance is in line with the competition, covers what you need, and is priced right. 860-379-6700

VA Benefits & Concerns

Jun. 20th 2014

With the recent news focus on the Veteran’s Association and the difficulties our veterans face getting and maintaining their appointments, Roberson Tierney would like to invite friends or relatives of our current clients receiving VA benefits to discuss their concerns. Call us at 877-589-6363. We have the answers surrounding this very difficult subject.

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