The term “Medicare exchange” is actually a misnomer and the concept can be a bit misleading if you don’t understand the situation.

Anyone age 65 or older qualifies for Medicare.  Those same people have the option of using supplemental insurance to augment the services not covered by Medicare.  This means that men and women can pay a little more to ensure they see the doctors they prefer or enjoy the services they feel are best for their health.

Some companies, squeezed by the bad economy, are electing to discontinue supplemental insurance for their retirees.  So, if you were counting on this type of insurance, you might be hearing “Medicare exchange.”

The good news is that you can find the right coverage for affordable premiums.  You can surf the Internet or ask around but there are many bad choices out there.  The opportunity to make money from this situation is too attractive and it will take some common sense and some very accurate information to navigate this new landscape.

Roberson Tierney is a certified agent and can offer that accurate information at no extra cost to you.

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