Options for Bristol Hospital Employees

doctor heartRecently, you have received a letter explaining that Bristol Hospital will end its retiree insurance program next year. If you were counting on this insurance, not to worry. All that stands between you and a secure, healthy future is a little education. You can attend a free Munch and Learn or enjoy a private consultation with Daphne, who can help you

  • Purchase your own insurance at a rate that meets your budget
  • Chose an insurance plan that meets your needs
  • Identify the prescription drug plans that correlate to the medications you currently take
  • Describe the differences between Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage
  • Understand the special enrollment period
  • Clarify the income requirements for subsidies
  • Pre-qualify you for low income subsidies and prescription drug assistance

Choices always come with the need for information and if you would like to know what other options are available to you, call Daphne Roberson to talk about your specific health insurance needs. She’ll work with you to determine the coverage you should given your specific physical and financial situation so you can make a confident decision on how to move forward.

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