Protection of Assets

Roberson Tierney can assist you with crisis planning if you or your loved one suddenly needs long term care. However, we prefer to talk with you about a plan for funding this type of care because the cost can be financially devastating if not addressed properly.

We can provide you with information and describe you options for positioning assets in programs to protect what you’ve worked so hard for so long.

We can debunk myths that can only hurt you; putting your house into your child’s name will not work and you will be wasting your time and legal fees.

With advance planning, we can help couples keep their homes and cars, even if one of them is suffering symptoms of early onset dementia and the future looks grim. It is difficult enough to care for a loved one but so much more so when faced with the loss of a home as well.

Protection of assets is about more than just keeping your retirement income, it’s about giving yourself the resources to deal with the challenges that life can throw at us.

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