Daphne Roberson
Founder and CEO

Daphne Roberson, founder & CEO has over 35 years of experience in the insurance and financial services field. Compassion, patience along with a full understanding of the challenge's folks face in retirement is key. These qualities allow our clients to leave the office with a feeling of gratitude and appreciation for the relationship we are forging.  Together we create a retirement plan that fulfill our clients' needs and keep them on their path.    

Contact Daphne

Telephone: 860-379-6700 Ext. 400

Email: Daphne@robersontierney.com 

Madison Roberson
Insurance  Professional

Madison has been working for Roberson Tierney since 2012. In September 2018 Madison became an insurance professional specializing in educating people about Medicare. Prior to attaining her license she handled all of Roberson Tierney’s marketing. Madison stays up to date with all current information in the insurance industry so she can continue to serve clients at the highest quality.

Contact Madison

Telephone: 860-379-6700 Ext. 403

Email: Madison@robersontierney.com 

Brianna Saucier​
Insurance  Professional

I am excited to join the Roberson Tierney Team! After working in critical care as a registered nurse I truly appreciate each client’s individual needs and health care situation. I bring to the organization my passion for quality healthcare and expertise in the medical field. My clients will benefit from my wealth of knowledge in disease processes, treatments, and medications to guide them to the right insurance coverage! My expertise will also be very valuable to the other insurance professionals in the firm.  

Contact Brianna

Telephone: 860-379-6700

Email: Brianna@robersontierney.com 

Annmarie Pellegrin
Administrative Assistant/
Customer Service Advisor

With over 20 years experience in the Health Insurance industry Annmarie knows the ins and outs of the insurance world. As a Customer Service Advisor Annmarie is extremely dedicated to helping Roberson Tierney's clients with claim issues and directing them to the proper channels.

Contact Annmarie

Telephone: 860-379-6700 Ext. 404

Email: Annmarie@robersontierney.com 

Peggy Cronin Gorham
Insurance  Professional

Peggy is the newest member of the Roberson Tierney team, starting at the company in 2020. Peggy stays up to date with all current information in the insurance industry so she can continue to serve clients at the highest quality.

Contact Peggy

Telephone: 860-379-6700

Email: Peggy@robersontierney.com 

Alee Roberson
Administrative Assistant

When calling into Roberson Tierney you'll be greeted by Administrative Assistant, Alee Roberson! Alee is the glue that keeps the company running since her arrival in 2014, from booking appointments for new and existing clients, creating client portfolios and handling all billing inquiries.

Contact Alee

Telephone: 860-379-6700

Email: Alee@robersontierney.com 


I have been so happy with the service, knowledge and care from your company. My questions are always expertly answered. Daphne goes over my insurance coverage each year and signs me up for the plan that meets any needs. I recommend the company to all my friends.

—  Anonymous