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Who is Eligible


  • 65 +

  • Under 65 on Social Security Disability for 24 consecutive months

Services Provided (no fee)

  • Needs based evaluation

  • Prescription Drug comparison report

  • Medicare Advantage Plan comparison & evaluation

  • Medicare Supplement Plan comparison & evaluation

  • Medicare versus employer group plan comparison

  • Annual re-evaluation

  • On going communications via email/mail concerning plan changes

  • On gong communications via email/mail concerning changes in drug costs and coverage

  • Research of alternative options for purchase of prescriptions via coupons, grants, etc.

Additional value added benefits

  • Client Appreciation Breakfasts

  • Workshops with guest speakers

  • Customer Care Representatives on staff

  • Client representation in the Appeals / Grievance process

  • Quarterly or Semi-annual follow-up appointment either via phone conference or face to face


Who should buy Long Term Care?


  • Anyone concerned about paying for the cost of Long Term Care

  • Anyone that does not want to use their personal assets to cover the cost of care

  • Anyone that would like their own choice of Long Term Care facilities

  • Anyone that would like to stay home as long as possible with assistance

  • Anyone that does not want to burden their family

  • Anyone that has assets they want to leave as a legacy to their family


Long Term Care Policies


  • Traditional Long Term Care

  • Long Term Care / Life Insurance Hybrid products

  • Group Long Term Care


Buying Insurance is not the only answer


  1. Low Annual cost

  2. No Waiting Periods

  3. No Deductibles

  4. No Maximum limits

  5. Coverage available immediately

  6. Discounted dental, vision & hearing services up to 60%


Thanks for submitting!

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