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Who is Eligible


  • 65 +

  • Under 65 on Social Security Disability for 24 consecutive months

Services Provided (no fee)

  • Needs based evaluation

  • Prescription Drug comparison report

  • Medicare Advantage Plan comparison & evaluation

  • Medicare Supplement Plan comparison & evaluation

  • Medicare versus employer group plan comparison

  • Annual re-evaluation

  • On going communications via email/mail concerning plan changes

  • On gong communications via email/mail concerning changes in drug costs and coverage

  • Research of alternative options for purchase of prescriptions via coupons, grants, etc.

Additional value added benefits

  • Client Appreciation Breakfasts

  • Workshops with guest speakers

  • Customer Care Representatives on staff

  • Client representation in the Appeals / Grievance process

  • Quarterly or Semi-annual follow-up appointment either via phone conference or face to face


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