Final Expenses

Few of us want to think about our own mortality, or that of our loved ones. However, we are mortal usually have desires that can only be carried out by others when we are gone. Therefore, it’s necessary to express those desires while we still can.

Roberson Tierney offers a free program called Legacy Safeguard to help you describe your final wishes and answer the questions your family must address when you pass away. Well planned information can give your family and friends relief from the burden of guessing what you might have preferred the guilt of wondering if they had guessed incorrectly. They can have the space to mourn and grieve, remembering your life rather than focusing on the business of death.

The program will guide you through the planning process, in as much detail as you like. Legacy Safeguard will also assist you with payment options for expenses such as the funeral, which you can fund with insurance or financial products, and tools such as funeral trusts that will protect your assets for this use while allowing you to enjoy what you’ve earned while you live.

Roberson Tierney can make the experience of discussing your final wishes comfortable and give you the assurance that your family will have only one phone call to make in order to set your final wishes into motion.

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